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Why use Inventory Management?

Managing inventory is one of the best ways of cutting costs in your business.
It can be quite a challenge to find the right balance of inventory in your stockroom. 
With too much inventory you risk having money ‘sitting on your shelves’. But if your inventory is too low, you run the risk of production delays!
Do you know how much inventory has a slow turnover – or none at all?
Do you know how much time you or your employees are spending on supplier and product selection, ordering, receiving goods inward, administration and keeping track of inventory stock levels? 
Fabory’s FISCS help your business save time, money and space!


Inventory management is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution.
Every business has its own unique goals and challenges, we know that. That’s why Fabory offers customized solutions that help you reduce costs, increase productivity and achieve stockroom improvements in the way that works for you. 
Our inventory management specialist will work with you to assess your inventory and determine how and where you use it. Only then will we advise on what level of integration and what type of storage solution would suit you best. Clear usage reports give you an insight into material usage and provide input to optimize your inventory to changing needs. 
We know there is no one solution that is right for every business.